Thursday, March 26, 2009


everything started when i was 16... my third Triathlon and first Olympic Distance...
1.5km 40km bike and 10km run on OP stupe's birthday...
first OD, no guidance AT ALL.. i completed everything with my father and brothers there supporting me. i did lots of mistake and now i think that itz super stupid. bike 40km rely fully on endurance drink, and run without gels. i took only 1 bar, then i tape a mineral water bottle on the seat tube (coz i don't have a bottle cage).. the bottle got a tube connect to my stem, so that i could drink "aeroly"..
no body teach me how to pace. i cramp during the bike. saw victoria campbell passed me few times during the 10 loop of biking. my ranking really sux. Nelson was way better than me, got out of the water early and he drafted well. that time i don't even know how to draft. i didn;t quite understand what Mr Chan was talking about.. all those tri terms like drafting, pacing, mounting, rolling, aerobar and bla bla.. his briefing was clear but me foggy don't know whatz going on. but i didn't ask, coz i didn't wanna look stupid. the beginning of my tri, OP stupe helped me a lot. i never know that aerobar must be fitted with proper bike fit. so stupid right? hehe funny la..

my first sprint distance together with the pioneer of RMC's Triathlon team. sad to say that Triathlon no longer exists in RMC.
look at my shoe, i bought it from petaling street. fake nike. 90 bucks only. and my tights, no padding, 5 ringgit from pasar malam. haha.
now i wear mizuno ORIGINAL weh.. things are getting better nowadays=) now i look more like a "Triathlete".. Trisuits, bento box, dura ace rim, nice shoes, giro helmet, aerobar chap ayam are the things that make me more TRI.. hehe

this picture got nothing to do with Triathlon..
i won the Sayembara Deklamasi Puisi IPTA level.. i got champ. crazy huh?
aku kena detail la wei.. tiba2 je berkecimpung dalam dunia seni ni.. tapi best gak, nasib baik la menang dapat 1k.. or else sia2 je hafal sajak 3 hari bagai nak gila..

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