Wednesday, September 23, 2009

IRONMAN's Recovery Drink

Ais Kacang or bubur pulut hitam? this is how my recovery drink looks like.
this is the 2nd attempt to make my own recovery drink.. after a session of training, we burned out fuel and muscle started to sore, we need some REcovery DRINK to refuel repair refresh and all the RE-s..

this is the main ingredient.. POTASSIUM..

this is what i found in the GIANT supermarket..
just flip to the back of PowerGel, u'll see the C2MAX..
C2max made of GLUCOSE and FRUCTOSE. Fructose sounds strange coz i've never seen supermarket selling it!
So, i combine both Honey and Fructose to make my own CHAN-2-MAX..

3 Bananas will be slaughtered together with grapes..
added a pinch of salt as my source of SODIUM.

once everything is done, i found out that something not right.
i have major ingredient of SODIUM, POTASSIUM, FRUCTOSE, GLUCOSE...
it sounds more like an ENDURANCE DRINK. REcovery needs PROTEIN to repair muscles, and where is PROTEIN in my drink? addition of Soya Bean might be a great idea..

anyone who read this and have any idea to improve my homemade CHAN-2-MAX, please feel free to comment. i'm still learning.. hope u guys can help out.

this is Jun Win squeezing his Core 2 Duo brain to download all the FACTS in his Sejarah notes..

i used to make colourful notes with the same Stabilo pen.

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