Sunday, January 18, 2009

"warm" climate

wondering whatz happening to my university... day after day, more and more big trees got chopped off and replaced by bunga tahi ayam. kinda saddening to me coz i would prefer big trees provide natural shelter, avoid the temperature to go extreme and keep the air fresh. sigh.. i have no idea who chopped it off and why they do so. may be they should think about the environment. this world is dying sooner if more people think like how the trees chopper think. this whole week i've been so busy with military training till i barely have time on my bike. friday is really good, no wonder people called it goos friday=p i'm exempted from going Taekwondo since i'm already black belt. i have to admit that i have less interest for taekwondo compared to Triathlon. my passion for triathlon is un-measure-able. haha. friday i did a 4km swim with power paddle, 40km slow biking then 12km bukit besi run. the infamous bukit besi is always waiting for challengers, and i made it to the top despite my lack of milleage. Tuan fadzeel was suppose to run with me but eventually he stopped halfway. on my was down i met Jasmi, the Malaysian 2nd fastest IRONMAN after Wong Ah Thiam. he ran abreast with another Sabahan, then i joined them. even after 4km swim and 40km bike, i still managed to keep up with them. kinda impressed with myself=p
Jasmi's marathon is super consistent, not too fast neither too slow. he has the endurance to maintain his pace.

this year i might not have enough mileage, but i'm sure my experience will help me a little through out that 12hours=p hahaha that also if i manage to make sub 12.
my bike and run was disappointing! i was really sad when i got off my bike. but this year, with my peers, team mates and "oversea friend"(not too far tho) offered my helping hand by giving guidance despite the distance between me and this precious friend of mine, i am very positively confident that i'll cross the line at sub 12. we'll see.. my swim is improving tremendously, i'm satisfied. at least i can swim more relax with my better stroke, and pedal the bike with more strength. hehehe.. not to be over confident since i have to get rid of my head ache during the swim. this week i swam without head ache. i'm so curious whatz going on... anyone can help??=)

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